Northern Hemisphere Harvest 2019: Live

As our Northern Hemisphere producers kick off their 2019 harvests, we bring you all the updates and latest news from the vineyards.


Saturday 21st September

Castellare di Castellina - Tuscany, Italy

Now that's an impressive cluster if we've ever seen one! 2019's Chiantis looks promising already...we can't wait to give them a try.

Morgan - California, USA 

Would you just look at all those Pinot Noir grapes?! It's enough to get any wine lover feeling thirsty. 

Tornatore - Sicily, Italy

It's time for some Sicilian volcanic deliciousness to be born! Tornatore announces that it's going to be a great vintage, as they start harvesting grapes on the slopes of Mount Etna.


Friday 20th September

Bastianich - Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Italy

Italian reds, here we come...Bastianich start their 2019 vintage with Merlot, recording a video of the season's first crushings to mark the occasion.


Thursday 19th September

Denbies Wine Estate - Surrey, England 

Another English producer has joined the harvest party! It looks like a beautiful day with clear skies as Denbies Wine Estate start their journey towards the 2019 vintage. 


Wednesday 18th September

Veralda - Istria, Croatia

Who says harvest is just for grown ups? All generations are joining in with the fun over at Veralda in Croatia. We spy a future wine lover in the making...

Bodegas Rodrigo Mendez - Galicia, Spain

There's nothing like a team shot to announce the start of harvest! We are LOVING the matching T-shirt game going on at Rodrigo Mendez. Harvest fashion is definitely on the up this year.

Cantina del Vermentino - Sardinia, Italy 

We just love a glass of Vermentino. Which is good news for us, because Cantina del Vermentino are producing their 2019 vintage of just that. Cue the sense of collective happiness in the Bibendum offices...

La Dama - Veneto, Italy

It looks like it's Italy's week all round when it comes to kicking off 2019. Some careful inspection over at La Dama, and the grapes are deemed worthy and ready to go.


Tuesday 17th September

Vietti - Piedmont, Italy

Vietti are delighted with how their grapes have turned out this year, saying they 'look beautiful'. Judging by how beautiful we find their wines, we're inclined to agree. Cheers to them! 

Suavia - Veneto, Italy

Another joiner from Italy! Suavia report that there was a slight delay in their harvest this year - but not one serious enough to dampen their enthusiasm for the harvest season. Ready, steady, cut! 

Nicolis - Veneto, Italy

We agree, Nicolis...those grapes look ripe and ready to harvest! Next up, some delicious Valpolicellas, coming our way soon. Great news for any Tuesday.


Monday 16th September

Chateau Changyu Moser XV - Ningxia, China

They've been teasing us with the start of harvest for days now, but it's official - harvest has officially started in Ningxia, China! Producers of some of the most interesting wines in our whole range - including a white Cabernet Sauvignon - we're beyond excited to see how 2019's wines turn out.


Saturday 14th September

Lacourte Godbillon - Champange, France

It looks like a beautiful day over in Ecueil, as Lacourte Godbillon join the Champagne harvest. We're not sure anything can get us excited quite like the prospect of a phenomenal Champagne vintage coming our way.


Friday 13th September

Bruno Paillard - Champagne, France 

More Champagne producers are kicking off their harvests! The team over at Bruno Paillard were up at the crack of dawn picking their first grapes. Exciting times ahead.

Chapel Down - Sussex, England 

Here go England! We can taste the delicious sparkling already...Chapel Down are first up on home soil, kicking off with the harvest of their early varieties.


Thursday 12th September

Mantlerhof - Kremstal, Austria 

Ah, the apron and scissors combo -  a classic look amongst vineyard workers this time of year. Mantlerhof are all too happy to don the uniform as they start picking their Gelber Muskateller grapes.


Wednesday 11th September

Paul Jaboulet Aine - Rhone Valley, France

It's all systems go over at Paul Jaboulet Aine. Two separate teams are taking on the vineyards, each in charge of separate grapes. You heard it here; teamwork makes the dream work.

Marcel Lapierre - Beaujolais, France 

We're not too sure what's happening in this video, but whatever it is, it looks like a lot of fun. Everyone's come together to celebrate the harvest kick-off over at Marcel Lapierre!


Tuesday 10th September

Palmer & Co - Champagne, France 

Champagne Palmer are 'alive with excitement and anticipation' as they start their harvest. Us too! From frosts to heatwaves, it's been an undeniably difficult year for the houses of Champagne, but we're keeping faith.


Saturday 7th September

Truchard- California, USA

First up for the USA is Truchard, and they're starting with Pinot Noir. Looking delicious guys. Any taste testers needed, you know where to find us...


Friday 6th September

Rocca di Frassinello - Tuscany, Italy

Rossa di Frassinello report that everything's ripe and ready to go in their vineyards. Exciting times ahead in Tuscany.


Thursday 5th September

Chateau Guiraud - Bordeaux, France

Chateau Guiraud post a tweet to let the world know that harvest has started for their Grande Chateau Guiraud. They're excited to see the results, so are we.


Wednesday 4th September

Poderi dal Nespoli - Emilia Romagna, Italy 

Poderi dal Nespoli confirm that their harvest is in full swing with a photo of freshly-picked Merlot grapes. They look good enough to eat, but we'll settle for drinking the wine they produce...

Fondo Antico - Sicily, Italy 

It's all systems go in Italy today! Down in Sicily, Fondo Antico announce their harvest with a photo of their white grapes being crushed.

Gal Tibor - Ebor, Hungary

Hungary have joined the harvest chat! Gal Tibor post an early morning shot of their first foray into the 2019 harvest.


Tuesday 3rd September 

Alois Lageder - Trentino Alto-Adige, Italy

It's almost like Alois Lageder know how obsessed we are with their Pinot Noir. They confirm that harvest is underway by sharing a video of the first Pinot Noir grapes of the year being cut. Excitement levels = rising.

Peth-Wetz - Rheinessen, Germany

Ready, steady and...go! Peth-Wetz have joined the harvest. 

Acustic Celler - Priorat, Spain

Garnacha grapes have been harvested and crushed over at Acustic Celler, who share a shot of the unfermented, unfiltered grape juice. Looking good...even if we do prefer it in its final form.


Monday 2nd September

La Guita - Andalucia, Spain

Harvest came earlier than expected, report La Guita. The staggering August heat meant grapes have already started to be picked. They can't wait to taste the results - same, La Guita. Same.

Masseria Borgo Dei Trulli - Puglia, Italy

The Pugliese producer announces the start of the 2019 harvest with a touching post, written from the viewpoint of a Primitivo grape which states it is 'ready to be picked', while looking back on the year of work that's been put into the vineyard. 

Llopart - Catalunya, Spain

Go, Cava, go! Llopart proudly present the first fruits of their 2019 harvest. Looking delicious, if we say so ourselves.


Thursday 29th August

Puklavec Family Wines - Slovenia

Puklavec have kicked off their harvest in Slovenia, with a picture of the first 1% to be picked. They report that the outcomes look promising. Fingers crossed!


Wednesday 28th August

Santo Wines - Santorini, Greece

Santo Wines report that this year's harvest is a 'race against time and nature' to get grapes picked at peak ripeness, due to heat levels in the vineyards. Special points to be awarded to this winery for their ingenious recycling of vines into some very funky headwear. Next stop, Vogue.


Sunday 25th August

Bodegas Alvear - Andalucia, Spain

There are blue skies and sunshine all round for Bodegas Alvear as they kick off their 2019 harvest.


Wednesday 21st August

Finca La Estacada

Our first Spanish producer joins the harvest. Finca La Estacada kick theirs off by harvesting white grapes, starting with Chardonnay.


Monday 19th August

Tsantali - Macedonia, Greece

Tsantali are next up, announcing the start of their harvest alongside some frank reminders - it's not just the processes during harvest that make the wine, but the decisions and actions taken in the vineyard throughout the year.


Wednesday 14th August

Quinta do Vallado - Douro, Portugal

There go Quinta do Vallado! They report that grapes are ripe and ready to be picked over in the Douro.


Tuesday 6th August

Domaine Lafage - Roussillon, France

Lafage are steaming ahead of the rest this year, kicking off their 2019 harvest first thing in August. First to be picked are their Muscat Petit Grains grapes.

*Please drink responsibly

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