Icons of Greek winemaking, the Tsantali family hold the vineyard at the core of their entire philosophy.


The Tsantalis may have kickstarted their affinity with alcohol by distilling ouzo and tsipouro, but their true talents always lay in winemaking. Tsantali’s first vines were planted in 1890, but it wasn’t until Evangelos Tsantali took over the reins that this now-famed family were propelled into the limelight of Greek winemaking. Fast forward a century, and they’re upheld as one of Greece’s leading wine producers.


Fondly remembered as one of the most charismatic figures in Greece’s viticultural history, Evangelos had one goal; getting people to recognise the importance of the vineyard in the winemaking process. It’s a philosophy still held by Tsantali today, and the winery has been responsible for rejuvenating some of Northern Greece’s most historic vineyards and varieties. Tsantali also work to prioritise biodiversity throughout their vineyards and champion indigenous grapes, in an effort to portray the very best of Greek winemaking. It’s a drive that has paid off. The Tsantali wines convey the uniqueness, tradition and quality of their vineyards in every glass.

“'The question is not how much it will cost to bring this vineyard to life; the real question is whether it can give quality grapes or not.'”

Evangelos Tsantalis

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