Online Ordering Help

Below are some solutions to the most common online ordering queries. If you can't find the answer you need, scroll down to the bottom of the page, for a link to our Online Ordering Support Team.

To activate your online ordering account, you must be an existing Bibendum customer. You will need your ‘Ship To’ number, which can be found at the top of your previous invoices, in the welcome email from your Account Manager, or by getting in touch with our Customer Service team

Please note that online ordering is only available to independent, regional accounts.

Navigate to the Registration page and complete the form to receive your login details via email. Please allow up to 2 working days for your login details to arrive.  

If you haven’t traded with us before, you first need to open a Bibendum Wine account by completing this form. Our Customer Service team will be in touch within 2 working days to take you through the next steps.

Once you have opened a Bibendum Wine account, you will be able to activate your online ordering account by following the instructions above or heading straight to our Registration page.

Adding more users to your account allows multiple people to build and place orders.  

Navigate to ‘My Account’, select ‘Invite Additional Buyers’ and complete the form fields. The new buyer will receive a confirmation email to set a password.  

Once you have added new users, you will be able to review the buyers on your account.  

To remove buyers, or set-up limits, budget caps and approvals, please contact the Online Support team and select 'online ordering help' in the subject.

If you have logins for multiple venues, we can make it easier for you with a single username and password that has access to them all. To create a Head Office login, please contact the Online Support team and select 'online ordering help' in the subject. You can also set up limits, budget caps and approvals for each buyer and venue. 

You can change which venue you are ordering for by going to ‘My Account’, then ‘View Buyers in Company’, then click ‘Show’ next to the venue you wish to use. You can now place an order for delivery to this venue, by adding products to basket.  

Go to ‘My Account’ and select ‘Change Password’ under ‘Security Settings’. 

Get in touch with the Online Support Team and select 'online ordering help' in the subject.

Go to ‘My Account’ and change the VAT status under ‘Customisation’. 

View your order history 

To find, view and download previous orders, you need to navigate to ‘My Account’ and select ‘My Order History’ under ‘My History’. Complete the criteria for the orders you wish to see and click find. 



You can view and manage your invoices via the e-billing page. If you’re not registered for e-billing services, you can sign up on the same portal.  


Running reports 

To run an order report, you need to navigate to the ‘My Account’ section, and then click on ‘Order Analysis Report’ under ‘My Report’s. Complete the criteria for the report you wish to generate and click ‘Generate Report’.  

You can pay invoices with a credit or debit card via e-billing here 

If you know the product codes of the products you’d like to order, you can quickly place an order, without needing to search for products on the website. 

Navigate to ‘Order Now’ and, under ‘Quick Order Pad’, enter the product code starting with 000 and the quantity required. Once completed, click on ‘Order Now’. You can review and amend the order on the following page.  

To copy and paste or import a CVS file of your order, click ‘CVS Upload’. You need to make sure the product codes on the CVS file start with 000. You can review and amend the order before submitting it. 

You can create and save multiple order pads, so you always have a pre-prepared order, ready to go,  

Navigate to ‘My Account’ and select ‘Order Pad Management’ under ‘My Order Pads’. Select ‘New’ from the dropdown box and give it a name, then add the product codes or product names to the order pad. Once you have added all your products, click on ‘Update Order Pad’.  

You can edit each order pad by adding or removing products from the ‘My Account’ area. 

To use a saved order pad, you need to navigate to ‘Order Now’ and select the order pad you wish to use under ‘Company Order Pads’. Input the required quantities and click ‘Add Items To Basket’.  

You can set an ‘Order Pad’ for each of your venues using our head office tool. To learn more, please get in touch with the Online Support team and select 'online ordering help' in the subject. 

Build your order by adding items to your basket. Navigate to your basket, review your order and select ‘Proceed To Checkout’. If stock of a product cannot be reserved, you will receive a warning message.  

If you have any other questions relating to online ordering, please contact our Online Ordering Support team. Or for more general enquiries relating to deliveries or returns, please visit our FAQs page.