About Us

Bibendum is one of the UK’s most successful drinks businesses. As a premium wine and spirits partner, we are a countrywide specialist for the On Trade, supplying wine to 13% of the market.

With a portfolio including 258 wine suppliers – 197 of these exclusive – we work with some of the world’s most talented and respected producers. Our selection of wines has never been better and we are proud to again be recognised as the Sommelier Wine Awards Merchant of the Year 2018, for the second year running.
In addition to wine, we also sell an extensive range of premium spirits, craft beers and ciders, and a growing range of sakes.

The teams are knowledgeable and passionate, providing best-in-class service to an ever-increasing range of customers, from Michelin-starred restaurants and cocktail bars, to catering companies and pub groups. Our skilled and diligent sales teams operate up and down the country, from Brighton and Birmingham, to London and Glasgow.

The Bibendum service doesn’t stop at just delivering great products. Our award-winning training team travel around the country to help staff become well-versed in the different styles and products they sell – and not just for wine. We also offer sake, spirits and beer training.

We have an in-house customer marketing and design team who can help take a drinks list to the next level, while also helping to bring promotions and merchandising to life. Finally, our market insights team uses cutting-edge technology to help our buying and sales teams to get the right product to the right customer.

The past and present

Backed by the C&C Group, Bibendum consists of three trading companies: Bibendum Wine (focused on the On Trade), Bibendum Off-Trade and Walker & Wodehouse (supplying independent merchants and wholesalers).

In 2019 we teamed up with Ireland’s largest wine merchant Gilbeys, in an exciting partnership that combines the best of Bibendum’s premium, artisanal wines with the Gilbeys brands that customers in Ireland already know and love. We now supply the Republic of Ireland as ‘Bibendum with Gilbeys’ and Northern Ireland as ‘Bibendum’.

Founded in 1982 by a group of wine-loving friends, our mission and spirit remains the same to this day. We may have moved two doors down, but Primrose Hill’s Regents Park Road is still very much our home.

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