Vivid - Bibendum's Environmental Team

Environmental policies that are bright, clear & distinct

ViVID is the name of the community which manages all of our environmental initiatives. Founded in 2008 and drawing on expertise from across the business, our internal team works with our customers, suppliers, and partners to promote sustainable practices in all aspects of wine distribution.

We want to inspire and promote mindful ways of doing business within our industry, all the way from grape to glass. Through the ViVID Ethos, Bibendum is committed to a process of continual improvement; for our people, for our product, for our planet.

The Vivid Ethos

Sustainability, being ‘green’, ‘ethical’, and ‘mindful’ are all terms which are used somewhat interchangeably around not just our industry, but society as a whole. The ViVID mindset is all of this and more! We don’t want to change the way we do things just for the sake of it, and we don’t expect to get everything right first time. We think that it is more important to always keep striving to improve our day to day processes; asking ourselves ‘is there a way we can do this better?’.

Ultimately, we want the ViVID Ethos to become inherent in everything that we do so it is no longer a conscious thought.


We divide our efforts between the three main areas of our business; our product, our office, and our operations.

Our Product: we are committed to working with producers who share our beliefs and who adhere to sustainable methods in the vineyard and winery. Practices include organic and biodynamic viticulture, ISO 14001 certification, carbon emission reduction, water management, waste reduction and recycling, and ethical working conditions to name a few.

Our office: in our head office in London, we do as much as we can to limit any negative impact and our carbon footprint. We have switched to LED motion activated lights, only use our heating / cooling system when necessary, and have partnered with a waste carrier ensuring that we remain a zero to landfill office. We recycle over 90% of our waste, and between October 2018 and October 2019 we saved 201 trees with our recycling efforts. We make a conscious effort to reuse packaging materials as much as possible when shipping items from our office, and will be looking to source alternate, sustainable products to traditional materials during 2020. Our contact centre in Bristol also made a huge change this year, and now operates entirely as a paperless office.

Our operations: we work very closely with our shipping partners to find ways to cut emissions, including increasing the amount of wine we ship in bulk to the UK and bottle here. We also work side by side with our customers and logistics partner to reduce miles travelled by delivery vans, and to ensure that the vehicles used to distribute our wines are as low emission as possible.

Accreditations & Recognition

The team maintains our ISO14001 accreditation, which we retained again in 2018 having been first awarded in 2011. As one of the few UK drinks businesses to be certified, we choose the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable options throughout the supply chain, from buying through to distribution of our wines.

We didn’t launch ViVID to win awards, but we are always delighted to be recognised for our approach. We won the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards three years running at the International Wine Challenge (2010, 2011 and 2012) and were also named Responsible/Sustainable Business of the Year at the 2012 Harpers Awards.

Inspiring People

We like to share the spotlight. Environmental issues aren’t something that just affect Bibendum, we all have a shared responsibility... We want to shine a light on some great things that our customers, our producers and other businesses are doing well. We want to learn what we can from these sources, and in turn we hope to inspire others to get involved. We will be featuring a range of articles and posts over the next 12 months highlighting some of these efforts, so be sure to keep an eye on our social media pages for ideas of ways you can get involved. #morethanourbottlesaregreen

We are dedicated to inspiring everyone who works at, and with, Bibendum to change their behaviour both at work and home. Outside of social media, we will communicate our progress, and that of our producers, with interactive workshops, tastings, our website, and published materials. We will be paying particular attention to our 2020/21 Trade List, ensuring that it is even easier to find information on sustainable products, and highlighting the great initiatives and practices that our producers have adopted.


As part of our commitment to protecting the environment and fulfilling our legal obligations, please follow this link where you can find information on:

• Where packaging can be taken to be recycled
• What role you can take in recycling
• The meaning of labels on packaging

For householders, the simplest means of finding out what recycling collections are available in your area is by visiting this website. It includes a postcode finder to allow you to locate recycling opportunities where you live, and also details how and why materials are recycled.

If you want to know more about ViVID and our approach to sustainability, please get in touch.