Santo Wines

The idyllic Santorini Island offers more than tourist hotspots: the island is also home to Santo Wines, which was founded in its initial form in 1911.

Today Santo Wines represents the majority of growers on Santorini, and has 1,200 active members. It is committed to safeguarding the local traditional varieties, producing the highest quality PDO Santorini wines as well as promoting sustainable agriculture development.   

As part of their commitment to sustainability, Santo Wines invests in R&D in the ongoing development of cultivation and vinification techniques, preservation of the biodiversity, and the operation of a nursery of indigenous varieties, which creates a solid base for study and trial cultivation of indigenous grapes. 

The Santo Wines cooperative also views it as their responsibility to promote other local products, such as PDO Santorini tomatoes and Fava beans, which no doubt makes excellent food partners to the island’s wines. 


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