Jose Estevez

Joining Grupo Jose Estevez in 2007, the La Guita winery was founded by Domingo Perez Marin in 1852. Some say that the winery's name comes from the old Andalucian slang 'guita' meaning 'cash', as Domingo was well-known for preferring to be paid in cash-in-hand. But the more likely explanation is that 'guita' means 'string' and this is referenced by the small piece of string that adorns every bottle - an homage to the brand's humble beginnings.

La Guita is located in Sanlucar de Barrameda and is the only Manzanilla produced exclusively from Pago (‘plot’) Miraflores, vineyards located around the town of Sanlucar where the Albariza soil provides great mineral character. La Guita Manzanilla was also the first of its kind to have its bottling date on the back label, something they believe to be vitally important for the consumer.

The area of Sanlucar offers very special climatic conditions that influences the characteristics of the wines: the Guadalquivir river, the Atlantic Ocean and the Marisma. This was the first sherry to be produced using spirit produced from 100% local Palomino grapes from their own vineyards for the fortifying process.

The En Rama (meaning unfiltered and unfined) is aged for seven years under a veil of flor yeast; the result is a light amber coloured sherry, intensely flavoured with mineral, saline aromas and a full body.

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