Alois Lageder

Located in the German-speaking village of Magreid, the Alois Lageder family winery is home to some of the best wines from Alto Adige. Using biodynamic practices since 2004, the 50ha domaine is run on a completely sustainable basis. With this holistic approach, creativity and an experimental spirit, Alois Lageder produces wines that reflect the diversity of this unique Northern Italian region. Established in 1823, the winery is now in the hands of the family’s fifth and sixth generation, with Alois and Alois Clemens Lageder.

Committed to biodynamic agriculture, their goal is to create an agricultural environment that is completely in sync with nature, breaking up the traditional ‘monoculture’ vineyard and creating a holistic ecosystem. Animals have been introduced into the vineyards, allowing for more sustainable weed and pesticide control, and cattle, donkeys and sheep graze between the vines, olive and loquat trees.

Passionate about innovation, they believe they have a responsibility to question their methods and capabilities as they look to the future. Being surrounded by so much diversity in Alto Adige – from the geology and microclimates, to the history and traditions – helps to inform their processes and continues to stimulate their curiosity.

With nature constantly changing, and wine-growing conditions too, they continue to push the boundaries in order to sustainably increase quality. By embracing experimentation and innovation, they epitomise everything the region has to offer.

“In Alto Adige, we can deal with climate change by playing with altitude and finding new grape varieties. A hundred years ago, we had Riesling; maybe in the future we will have Viognier and Assyrtiko.”

Alois Clemens Lageder, winemaker

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