Alois Lageder

Working entirely in sync with nature, Alois Lageder are trailblazers of sustainability in Northern Italy.

Every function at Alois Lageder has been carried out biodynamically since the 1990s, with the winery achieving certified status in 2004. According to current winemaker Clemens, it's all about understanding nature in the vineyard, and making full use of its potential by creating a closed farm organism. But the winery's approach extends beyond their own fields; Lageder partner with 80 growers, and have converted 50% to biodynamics so far. The winery also strives for zero carbon production, using solar panels, natural temperature controls, and banning plastic and foil from their bottling process.

It's this biodynamic approach which, according to Clemens, creates increased vitality, life and freshness in the final vines. The Lageder range is hugely diverse, including everything from beautifully elegant Pinot Noirs to peachy Chardonnays. It's a range which may be growing soon, too. In a notably forward-thinking move, the Alois Lageder team are experimenting with alternatives such as Viognier, that may stand up to the challenges of climate change in the region.

“Nature is much more powerful than we are. Our objective as wine growers is to maintain and develop the complex systems of nature.”

Alois Lageder

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