Puklavec Family Heritage

When you think of top wine-producing countries in Europe, Slovenia doesn’t immediately jump to mind, despite the country’s long history of winemaking. Slovenia shares borders with Italy and Austria and its fantastic white wines have much in common with its neighbours: freshness, elegance and purity of fruit. A drive towards quality in Slovenia over the last few decades has resulted in some exceptional wines, available at a fraction of the cost of their better-known neighbours.

The Puklavec family’s love for wine can be traced back to 1934. Martin Puklavec had a vision: to make the finest wines. This philosophy continues to resonate through the family’s winemaking today.

The Puklavec family owned the estate before the advent of socialism, when ownership transferred to the state. Following the collapse of the iron curtain, the family grabbed the opportunity to buy back the vineyards and start all over again, installing local vigneron, Mitja Herga, to make the wines.

Today the winery is run by Vladimir Puklavec and his two daughters, Tatjana and Kristina, alongside other winegrowers. Their Family Estate Selection range is the perfect introduction to Slovenian wine, offering lots of fruit and local character at a very affordable price.

The wines are produced in the heart of Ljutomer-Ormoz in the Podravje region, in North-Eastern Slovenia. This area provides the perfect microclimate for grape growing. The result? Elegant and beautifully balanced wines, crafted with an uncompromising passion and attention to detail..

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