Finca la Estacada

In the north-east of La Mancha, in one of the highest and coolest areas, lies The D.O. of Ucles which was founded in 2005. It is a very strict D.O. with yield restrictions based on the age of vine and the location in which they are planted.

Finca la Estacada were one of the wineries championing for the right to become part of this separate D.O. as nearly all of their vineyards are in this special area.

The Cantarero Rodríguez family, a surname with strong connections to the world of wine making in the Cuenca region, invested in Finca la Estacada 10 years ago and built a winery to process the 278 hectares of vines that they own. The philosophy behind the creation of their winery was to demonstrate the quality of the wines from the land, without consumers having to pay anything other than a reasonable price to enjoy them.

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