La Dama

Husband and wife, Gabriele and Miriam Dalcanale, are winemaking organically in the heart of Valpolicella.

Their Valpolicella Classico is a dark, brooding red wine with intense fresh red cherry and raspberry aromas on an elegantly weighted palate, while their Ripasso Superiore has a juicy, savoury edge and a spicey toastiness to finish. Their traditional-style Amarone is warm and generous and, quite frankly, a hug in a bottle.

This sub-region of Veneto is, in the context of Italy, rather cooler in climate. But while the area is undeniably beautiful, the growers experience their fair share of difficulties, from strong winds to narrow and steep valleys. And La Dama are no exception. Wet weather just before harvest in 2018 left their winery flooded under a metre of water.

Despite the challenges nature has thrown their way, La Dama are determined to work as naturally as possible. For them, the best wines come from the best raw materials and and we're inclined to agree!

“Everything has to be done in the most virtuous way, using only natural products, from the vineyard to the cellar”

Gabriele Dalcanale

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