La Dama

Concern for the future was what drove Gabriele and Miriam Dalcanele towards organic certification in 2006.

Preserving the nature and health of their working environment has always been the driving philosophy for this husband and wife team. This responsibility of guardianship has led Gabriele to closely manage every step of his winemaking process, from the vines to the end bottle. He is adamant that there is nothing more critical to making the clean, modern style of Valpolicella for which they are known, than the health of their vines.

This subregion of Veneto is, in the context of Italy, rather cool in climate. But while the area is undeniably beautiful, the growers experience their fair share of difficulties, from strong winds to steep, narrow valleys. And La Dama are no exception, having experienced severe floods in the past. Yet despite the challenges nature has thrown their way, La Dama are determined to work as naturally as possible. For them, the best wines come from the best raw materials, and we're inclined to agree!

“Everything has to be done in the most virtuous way, using only natural products, from the vineyard to the cellar”

Gabriele Dalcanale

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