Northern Hemisphere Harvest 2021

As our Northern Hemisphere producers kick off their 2021 harvests, we bring you all the latest news and updates from the vineyards. 

Monday 8 November

Louis Roederer - Champagne, France

Louis Roederer cover crops after harvest

The vineyards aren't completely dead after harvesting is finished.

Sunday 7 November

Alois Lageder - Alto Adige, Italy

Stomping grapes at Alois Lageder

Party time at Alois Lageder!

Wednesday 3 November

Weingut Robert Weil - Rheingau, Germany

Noble rot at Robert Weil

Last on the list: Noble rot berries. Looking forward to the product!

Monday 1 November

Morgan Winery California, USA

And now the next phase of hard work starts...

Saturday 30 October

Ridgeview - Sussex, England

Ridgeview end of harvest

Another winery done with harvest season!

Friday 29 October

Balfour Winery - Kent, England

Take a look at the beautiful harvest summary video from Balfour. 

Chapel Down - Kent, England

Chapel Down harvest photo

Good luck to Chapel Down with the next phase in the winery! 

Weingut Huber - Traisental, Austria

Harvest photo of Gruner Veltliner at Weingut Huber

Gruner Veltliner looking good!

Thursday 28 October

Balfour Winery - Kent, England

Congratulations to team Balfour! 

Wednesday 27 October

Weingut Robert Weil - Rheingau, Germany

The end of harvest is nearing...

Sunday 24 October

Balfour Winery - Kent, England

Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Bolney Estate - Sussex, England

A well-deserved shout-out to the harvest team!

Pol Roger - Champgne, France

"I'll drink your champagne. I'll drink every drop of it, I don't care if it kills me."

- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ridgeview - Sussex, England

Harvesters all the way from Miami!

Friday 22 October

Morgan Winery California, USA

The philosophy of "high quality grapes, vintage to vintage" is definitely paying off!

Wednesday 20 October

Alois Lageder - Alto Adige, Italy

Lageder end of harvest image

That's a wrap! The end of the harvest season at Alois Lageder.

Monday 18 October

A to Z Wineworks - Oregon, USA

A to Z shared some photos by their former artist in residence, Adrian Chitty

Friday 15 October

Balfour Winery - Kent, England

Despite the challenges faced over the last season, there is lots to be proud of!

Thursday 14 October

Norman Hardie - Ontario, Canada

No rest during harvest season!

Wednesday 13 October

Fitz - Sussex, England

We're looking forward to many more updates from Fitz!

Weingut Robert Weil - Rheingau, Germany

Everyone is holding thumbs for a successful ending to the harvest season!

Monday 11 October

Norman Hardie - Ontario, Canada

Lots to be thankful for!

Alois Lageder - Alto Adige, Italy

It was a tricky harvest season for many producers, but they definitely made the most of it!

Sunday 10 October

Veralda - Istria, Croatia

Another producer joins the list of those finished with the harvest season! 

Saturday 9 October

Paul Jaboulet Aine - Rhone Valley, France

Cheers to the harvesting team at Paul Jaboulet Aine, for finishing another season.

Friday 8 October

Nyetimber - Sussex, England

And finally, Nyetimber joins the harvest season.

Thursday 7 October

Denbies Wine Estate - Surrey, England

In the thick of it!

Cuatro Rayas - Rueda, Spain

Cuatro Rayas harvest report. They described it as a "short and of high quality" process.

Wednesday 6 October

Domaine Lafage Roussillon, France

       Slowly but surely, harvest is wrapping up in the Northern Hemisphere.

Chapel Down - Kent, England

A quick update from Richard Lewis, head of viticulture. Harvesing the Boarley vineyard for the first time ever!

Tuesday 5 October

Morgan Winery California, USA

  Millie the vineyard dog has been keeping an eye on the Double L vineyards. Have a look at Millie's video.

Bibi Graetz - Tuscany, Italy

Some new Chianti Classico on the way!

Monday 4 October

Alois Lageder - Alto Adige, Italy

In between al the other harvest activities, the interns at Alois Lageder also found time to make their own Amarome.

Saturday 2 October

Alain Jaume - Rhone Valley, France

Slowing down, with the last bunches of Mourvedre harvested.

Friday 1 October

Chapel Down - Kent, England

Here we go! Thanks to a few weeks of good sunny weather, Chapel Down could start their harvest activities.

Domaine Fouassier - Sancerre, France

Domaine Fouassier

A bit of mountain climbing to start their day. Anything for the wine!

Thursday 30 September

Domaine LafageRoussillon, France

Lafage harvest

Sometimes, acrobatic acts are necessary to preserve the freshness and quality of the grapes.

Paul Jaboulet Aine - Rhone Valley, France

Paul Jaboulet Aine harvest

A job with a view! AOC Cornas in the Rhone Valley.

Chapel Down - Kent, England

Chapel Down grapes

A harvest day for all the vine lease holders at Chapel Down. Sounds like fun!

Louis Roederer - Champagne, France

Louis Roederer harvest sunrise

A successful Meunier harvest in the end!

Wednesday 29 September

Denbies Wine Estate - Surrey, England

Denbies images of grapes

Visitors have also been sharing photos of their time at Denbies.

Sunday 26 September

Chateau Guiraud - Bordeaux, France

Chateau Guiraud

Over seven sunny days, the grapes for the new white Bordeaux were harvested. 

Saturday 25 September

Domaine LafageRoussillon, France

Lafage harvest

What a gorgeous setting to work in!

Weingut Huber - Traisental, Austria

Markus Huber harvest

Harvest season is a family affair at Weingut Huber.

Thursday 23 September

Paul Jaboulet Aine - Rhone Valley, France

harvesting in the vineyards at paul jaboulet aine

A golden sky must surely make the hard work a bit easier.

Alain Jaume - Rhone Valley, France

Alain Jaume harvest

Reporting live from the vineyard!

Tuesday 21 September

Louis Roederer - Champagne, France

Louis Roederer

Single vineyard Pinot Noir for Louis Roederer's 246th vintage.

Paul Jaboulet Aine - Rhone Valley, France

Paul Jaboulet Aine

A new vintage of Mule Blanche is on the way!

Abegoaria - Atlentejo, Portugal


The harvest is coming to an end at Abegoaria. Next up: care and dedication in the cellar!

Monday 20 September

Morgan WineryCalifornia, USA

Morgan Winery

Who's looking forward to the new vintage of Gary's Pinot Noir? 

Friday 17 September

Louis Roederer - Champagne, France

Time for the Pinot Noir to be harvested at Louis Roederer.

Thursday 16 September

Paul Jaboulet Aine - Rhone Valley, France

Have a look at the rest of the harvest photos from Paul Jaboulet Aine on Instagram.

Bodegas Protos - Ribera del Duero, Spain

Bodegas Protos

Not long to go before harvest starts for Bodegas Protos.

Ironstone Vineyards - California, USA

Harvest season done and dusted at Ironstone.

Casa de Mouraz - Tondela, Portugal

Casa de mouraz

Little Bolinha on the way to a water break after supervising the harvest team.

Wednesday 15 September

Morgan WineryCalifornia, USA

Chardonnay grapes looking real good at Morgan Winery! 

Louis Roederer - Champagne, France

An excellent team of pickers braving the rain in Champagne.

Tuesday 14 September

Puklavec Family Wines - Slovenia

Puklavec Family Wines

Some harvest highlights from Puklavec Family Wines.

Paul Jaboulet Aine - Rhone Valley, France

A collage from Paul Jaboulet Aine. Have a look at the rest of the photos on Instagram.

Sunday 12 September

Casa de Mouraz - Tondela, Portugal

Harvesting at night in the Douro region.

Saturday 11 September

Casa de Mouraz - Tondela, Portugal

casa de mouraz

The calm before the storm - the last day before harvest starts.

Thursday 9 September

Caruso & Minini - Sicily, Italy

Quality control is very important!

Wednesday 8 September

Morgan WineryCalifornia, USA

Welcoming the first grapes to the Morgan Winery cellar! 

Tuesday 7 September

Las Moradas De San Martin - Pago de los Castillejos, Spain

Passion and dedication gets everyone through the hard work of a harvest season.

Friday 3 September

Chapel Down - Kent, England

Patience will be rewarded - with a bottle of Chapel Down Brut, hopefully!

Paul Jaboulet Aine - Rhone Valley, France

We're playing the waiting game alongside Paul Jaboulet Aine, waiting for the Syrah to ripen.

Wednesday 1 September

Robert Mondavi - California, USA

A vineyard tour from Robert Mondavi's Director of Winemaking, Nova Cadamatre MW, to check on the grapes for this year's harvest. Watch the video here.

Tuesday 31 August

Las Moradas De San Martin - Pago de los Castillejos, Spain

Starting the week with Garnacha - perfectly ripe!

Saturday 28 August

Bodegas Alvear - Montilla, Spain

The current situation at Bodegas Alvear's La Casilla del Hospital farm, with their harvest continuing "at a good pace".

Friday 27 August

Alain Jaume - Chateauneuf du Pape, France

Tick-tock goes the clock! The grapes are almost ready for harvesting.

Wednesday 25 August

Domaine Lafage - Roussillon, France

Quality control by hand at Domaine Lafage.

Robert Mondavi - California, USA

First up: Sauvignon Blanc! Getting back into action at Robert Mondavi for their 56th harvest.

Monday 23 August

Louis Roederer - Champagne, France

Good news for Champagne lovers! Harvesting is about to start at Louis Roederer. 

Saturday 21 August

Bodegas Alvear - Montilla, Spain

At Bodegas Alvear, all grapes are harvested by hand and placed in 25kg crates in order to prevent any damage.

Thursday 19 August

Vivanco - Briones, Spain

The veraison has almost been completed in the Vivanco vineyard, and the countdown to harvesting has begun!

Wednesday 18 August

Bodegas Alvear - Montilla, Spain

Quality control in the vineyard at Bodegas Alvear, to determine the exact moment to harvest.

Monday 16 August

Litmus Wines - Surrey, England

Litmus Wines is ready and waiting – and so are we!

Saturday 14 August

Bodegas Alvear - Montilla, Spain

On 14 August, Bodegas Alvear kicked off their harvest, with the grapes having reached the optimum point of maturation.

Las Moradas De San Martin - Pago de los Castillejos, Spain

Las Moradas De San Martin also announced the start of their harvest season on 14 August. They started with the native Spanish variety Albillo Real.

Caruso & Minini - Sicily, Italy

Waiting for the right time… On 14 August, Michele was checking the grapes for optimum sugar levels.

Thursday 12 August

Morgan Winery - California, USA

Morgan Winery is still keeping an eye on their grapes, with harvesting expecting to start at the beginning of September.

Friday 6 August

Chateau Musar - Ghazir, Lebanon

Chateau Musar shared this photo on their impressive Chardonnay bunches on the fifth day of harvest.

Thursday 5 August

Domaine Lafage - Roussillon, France

At Domaine Lafage, the Muscat grapes were the first to get harvested.

Wednesday 4 August

Paul Jaboulet Aine - Rhone Valley, France

Paul Jaboulet Aine shared this sneak peek of what’s to come… Looking good so far!

Monday 2 August

Alain Jaume - Chateauneuf du Pape, France

Let’s go! Alain Jaume announced their harvest kick-off with this beautiful photo of veraison on their grapes.

Want to see how this year compares?

Read the harvest reports from previous years here.

Adriana grew up in the winelands of Robertson and studied at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Here she was inspired to complete two courses with Cape Wine Academy, while completing an MA degree. Having realised that wine is much more fun than Political Science, she moved into marketing in the wine industry, and has never looked back!

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