Casa de Mouraz

This family-led winery, established in 2000 and situated in the heart of the Dao region of Portugal, is committed to a philosophy of sustainable viticulture and authentic winemaking.  

The farms are spread over several parcels, with altitudes ranging from 140-400 metres, and a range of different soils (granite and clay). The winery practices minimal intervention in their farming to ensure the utmost expression of the terroir.  

Through the winery’s AIR project (António Lopes Ribeiro) established in 2008, Casa de Mouraz can produce wine outside of the Dao region, managing a total of 25ha of vines, distributed across the Douro region and Vinho Verde. This results in the production of 100,000 bottles of wine each year. 

Sustainability is very important, with all its vineyards having gained organic certification in 1997 – the first in the Dao to do so. In 2006, Casa de Mouraz began working with biodynamic preparations and practices. This respect for the land and nature, is carried through to the cellars, where the use of natural and spontaneous fermentations, controlled temperature and low sulphur levels are employed. The winery’s efforts to allow the production of its wine to occur as naturally as possible, enabled them to join the prestigious group of biodynamic producers, La Renaissance des Appellations, in 2009. 

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