Set within the rolling hills of Kent, Hush Heath Estate - the home of Balfour wines - began with a simple love of wine, a handful of vineyards, and the will to push boundaries.

What started out as a hobby for Richard and Leslie Balfour-Lynn was soon to see them become some of the most exciting wine producers in the UK. Richard had already planted vines on his country estate before 2008's stock market crash, but it was this turn of events that saw him pack in his city job to pursue winemaking as a full-time career.

The winery started small, aiming for 10,000 bottles a year - but after shooting to fame with their Balfour Rose, which picked up a Gold at the 2008 IWC awards, as well as the trophy for Best English Wine, it was clear that things were on the up. In 2015, the winery was aiming to produce 750,00 bottles of phenomenal English wine a year, encompassing all styles, and their estate remains one of the most beautiful to visit in the UK. The Balfour-Lynns pride themselves on Hush Heath as a 'winery tourist attraction', where dense oak forests and quality vines are planted side by side. 

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