Ironstone are the epitome of a family business, producing brilliantly made Californian wines with a whole lot of heart.

The Ironstone range is incredibly diverse. From a well-rounded Chardonnay bursting with citrus and vanilla notes to a smooth, juicy and complex Merlot, the Kautz family know exactly what they are doing.

And it all began in the 80s when John Kautz, while growing sweet cherries, first began to see the potential in Lodi’s unique micro-climate. Then in 1989, this crop-farmer-turned-grape-grower took the plunge and decided to build his own winery. Today the whole family is involved in the business, with John (now 88) still an active participant and overseer.

“Working in a family business in great. Everything I do, I am doing for my family. Every partner we have around the world is an extension of our family. This is incredible in my opinion”

Joan Kautz

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