Pol Roger

The name Pol Roger stands for over a century of quality and renown.

Founded in January 1849, Pol Roger is today one of the longest-established traditional family enterprises in the whole of Champagne. However, at its birth, it did not boast its own vineyards, instead producing exclusively for the larger houses already in existence, such as Perrier Jouet and Moet & Chandon.However, just four years later, Pol Roger had acquired his own vineyards, and began to produce his own sparkling wine - in the Brut style that was favoured by the British at the time.

Although the brand was named Purveyor of Champagne to the Royal Family in 1911, it was under the patronage of Winston Churchill - after who their flagship wine is now named - that Pol Roger really sprang into the limelight. His favouring of the brand, and friendship with Odette Pol-Roger, proved to be an overwhelming endorsement that cemented his popularity in the UK. Today, Pol Roger remains family owned, and still strives to produce Champagnes of the highest quality.

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