Las Moradas de San Martin

Las Moradas are determined to show the world just how fantastic 100-year-old Garnacha vines can be.

With a mission to 'capture the soul of the Garnacha of this land', Las Moradas de San Martin has a reputation for drawing pristine and elegant wines from century-old vineyards. The winery was born from a desire to recover ancient vineyards in the area, that had been cultivated since the 12th century. Located in Pago de los Castillejos, vines benefit from a unique climate and granite soils that produce lots of San Martin personality, and a lively freshness in the finished wines.

Winemaker Isabel Galindo is a firm believer that the low yields and excellent acidity of the Pago de los Castillejos fruit act as natural preservatives, allowing her to use minimal sulphites and stick to natural winemaking techniques. She employs both organic and biodynamic farming in the vineyard, reducing any external or artificial influences on her wines, to allow the Garnacha to be the true, expressive, exciting star of the show. 

“Garnacha is a grape variety that 'speaks', it tells us how it wants to be treated, making each plot, vintage and elaboration unique. ”

Isabel Galindo, winemaker and oenologist

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