Few English wineries have the history or acclaim to match Nyetimber.

The first vine plantings at Nyetimber may date back to 1988, but the estate's story spans millennia back to the Domesday Book, where the peaceful valley of Nitimbreha made its first appearance in recorded history. Current owner Eric Heerema took over the estate in 2006, and since then has driven Nyetimber to global acclaim, spearheading the drive of English wine into popularity and renown.

Nyetimber's story is one of craftsmanship, passion, and above all a pioneering spirit. Vineyards today are spread across Sussex, Hampshire and Kent, each location providing unique characteristics to the final wines. All grapes are handpicked and assessed; only those of the finest quality are used, and bottle ageing lasts between 3-5 years to ensure sophistication and depth in the final wines. 

“I don't think in years, but in generations.”

Eric Heerema, owner and custodian

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