Fitz is a sparkling wine from England, but not as you know it. Unlike your usual (Champagne style) English sparkling, this fun, fruity fizz is Prosecco-like in taste and price.

With Prosecco sales continuing to boom, up 55% in value and 39% in volume in 2018, three clever wine enthusiasts sort to reclaim some of that territory with something similar but home-grown. And so, in 2016, Fitz was born.

This Charmat method wine – whereby the secondary fermentation is in tank, rather than bottle – is friendlier to both palate and pocket, appealing to those who love a fruit-led, fresh and easy drinking sparkling. And of course, the big added bonus: it comes from England!

“My philosophy behind Fitz is to use the best grape varietals from around the UK for our fresh, fruit-forward, fun and approachable fizz”

Dan Cahill, co-founder

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