Best in Glass: Southern Stars

Our Best in Glass campaign is all about promoting a more engaging experience for the consumer at a higher margin for our customers. So what’s not to love!

From July to December we will be celebrating our SWA New World Merchant of the Year Award by focusing on some of our favourite producers from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South America.

We are on a crusade to get more people listing premium wines by the glass because it’s what consumers increasingly want and, at a time when people are drinking less, can be a more profitable way to sell wine.

The trend for ‘less but better’
Research by our insights team has shown that 30% of consumers are choosing smaller serves so they can try more things and 28% are purchasing higher quality products than they used to.

With overall wine consumption on the decline, now is the time to capitalise on the trend for ‘less but better’ by offering a varied, and premium by-the-glass selection.

On Trade Channel Director John Graves says “Listing more wines by the glass is a fantastic way of making quality wines more accessible. With more and more consumers looking to experiment with their wine choices, it gives them the perfect opportunity to taste a wider range of premium wines. We will be offering incentives to customers so they can offer more premium wines at fairer prices, helping them improve their cash margin and putting more money in the till. This is the way forward for the On Trade and we need to come together on this to bring these amazing wines within reach of as many people and places as possible.”

Who are our Southern Stars?
Below is a list of all the producers who are part of the campaign, so speak to your Account Manager or contact us for more information on how we can help you make more margin by selling these premium wines by the glass.


Battle of Bosworth
Fraser Gallop
Josef Chromy
Mount Langi Ghiran

New Zealand

Craggy Range

South Africa

De Trafford
Graham Beck
Journey's End
Springfield Estate

Chile & Argentina

Caballo Loco
Garage Wine Co.

Ask your Account Manager or contact us to find out more about the campaign.