Battle of Bosworth

Joch Bosworth credits an unassuming, pretty little flower called the Soursob with sustaining his thriving vineyards and pristine fruit.

With a reverse lifestyle to grape vines, these bright yellow plants outcompete other weeds, without impacting the vine's own survival - in essence, eliminating the need for harmful, synthetic weed killers. But these are just one piece of the puzzles of organic farming at Battle of Bosworth. No artificial pesticides or fertilisers are used, machinery usage is kept to a minimum, and native wildlife is planted throughout the vineyards, to maintain biodiversity.

Owner Joch Bosworth isn't just regarded as a brilliant organic farmer, though. He's also widely upheld as a top class winemaker, producing one of the most exciting ranges in the McClaren Vale. Battle of Bosworth owes their fame to a series of outstanding single-vineyard wines, made entirely from estate grown fruit. Every wine's label pays tribute to the natural biodiversity of the vineyards, with an image of the soursob flower featured on each.

“Our vineyards are run as they would have been 50 years ago, before synthetic pesticides and fertilisers became available. ”

Joch Bosworth

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