Battle of Bosworth

Battle of Bosworth is one of the most exciting producers from the McLaren Vale, owing its fame to a series of outstanding single-vineyard wines made from estate-grown fruit. Owner, Joch Bosworth, is regarded as a brilliant organic farmer as well as a top class winemaker, and the Bosworth vineyards are among the most beautiful we have ever seen.

Joch plays down his impeccable green credentials, arguing that he is doing nothing new: ‘A lot of what we do in the vineyard is simply old-fashioned grape growing; essentially, our vineyards are run as they would have been 50 years ago before synthetic pesticides and fertilizers became available.’

A pretty little flower called the soursob is Joch’s partner in crime to combat weeds. So important is the soursob that it features on the Battle of Bosworth labels, too. Joch’s results speak for themselves: smart, juicy wines with plenty of ripe Aussie fruit.

“Soursobs have the reverse lifecycle of the grapevine. They outcompete other weeds and are the only weed control you need!”

Joch Bosworth

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