Caballo Loco

Caballo Loco - meaning 'Crazy Horse' in Spanish - perfectly represents its namesake: enormously energetic, charismatic, and entirely memorable.

The flagship brand of famed Chilean winery Valdivieso, Caballo Loco was named after one of their most eccentric winemakers, Jorge Coderch, who was responsible for pioneering the unique process used for this wine. Coderch was inspired by the solera method used in sherry production, in which barrel-aged wines from different years are progressively blended together. Every bottle of Caballo Loco is non-vintage, containing 50% of the current vintage and 50% of the previous edition. The blend of the wine also varies each year, dependent on which grapes have been most successful for that vintage. The resulting wines are uniquely dense in complexity, with layers of aroma and flavour that stand testament to why Caballo Loco is so revered.

Expanding on the original numbered Caballo Loco range, the winery now create a series of 'Grand Cru' wines, each named after the unique terroir from which they were sourced. Grapes are taken from specific blocks within sub-valleys, areas which have 'unrepeatable' conditions, which are distinctly different from other vineyards even within the same valley. Inspired by the French 'Cru' system, these wines have been named 'Grand Cru' to emphasise the uniqueness, specifity of origin, and exceptional quality that each bottle possesses. 

“Caballo Loco: a wine that gathers the best varieties, vintages, and valleys of Chile.”

Vina Valdivieso

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