Southern Hemisphere Harvest 2020: Live

The Southern Hemisphere's 2020 harvest has begun! As our producers begin picking and sorting, we bring you all the latest news from the other side of the globe, straight from the vineyards.

Tuesday 11 February

Chateau Tanunda - Barossa Valley, Australia

It's Chateau Tanunda's 130th anniversary this year, so the welcoming of the 2020 harvest has caused more than one reason for celebration! The team look ready to get started, bringing in the first of the Semillon grapes.


Monday 10 February

Yering Station - Yarra Valley, Australia

It may be another 4-6 weeks before harvest mania truly takes off in the Yarra Valley, but the grapes are starting to look good! Darren Rathbone, owner and winemaker, will be checking in on the Pinot Noir regularly. We think it's looking great so far.


Friday 7 February

Journey's End - Stellenbosch, South Africa 

Harvest kicked off a week and a half earlier than expected, according to winemaker Mike Dawson. Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Chardonnay grapes have been picked and fermented, and all are looking clean, aromatic and complex - perfection! 

Creation Wines - Stellenbosch, South Africa 

Creation have launched their 2020 harvest, and released a video of the various processes that will take over the winery for the next couple of weeks. Watch the full version here.


Wednesday 5 February

Graham Beck - Robertson, South Africa

And just like that, Harvest 2020 is done and dusted over at Graham Beck! There'll be months of work still to come before the wines hit our shores, but for now, the team report that the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are 'exceptional as ever, with textbook results'. Congratulations to the Graham Beck team!

De Trafford - Stellenbosch, South Africa

More from De Trafford over in Stellenbosch, and they've moved onto the harvesting of their red grapes - it's all going quickly! Their team are sorting through Merlot today, all ready for the next vintage.


Tuesday 4 February

Stellenrust - Stellenbosch, South Africa 

A harvest team shot marks the first mention of the 2020 vintage at Stellenrust! The team look ready to go - and they're praying for good wines and health this year.


Sunday 2 February

Fraser Gallop - Western Australia, Australia

Marking our first Australian producer to officially get started, Fraser Gallop head out to their fields to start with their Chardonnay grapes, ready for the next vintage of Parterre. We can't wait to try it!


Friday 31 January

Vistalba - Mendoza, Argentina

More Argentinian producers are launching the 2020 harvest this week, with Bodega Vistalba adding their first contribution - the first truckload of grapes. 


Thursday 30 January

La Posta - Mendoza, Argentina

'Harvest is around the corner!' say La Posta, with a picture of some mighty delicious-looking grapes. Fingers crossed they taste as good as they look!


Tuesday 28 January 

De Trafford - Stellenbosch, South Africa

Another South African producer joins the fray, as De Trafford start off 2020 by harvesting their Chenin. Straw wine = incoming!


Thursday 23 January 

Battle of Bosworth - McLaren Vale, Australia

Preparations for harvest look like they're underway in the McLaren Vale! Battle of Bosworth have dug out their technology for a quick spruce-up, ahead of the madness to come...

Spier - Stellenbosch, South Africa

It looks like South Africa's starting early across the board this year, as Spier kick things off over in Stellenbosch. They've got high expectations for this year's harvest, in line with their success over the past few years.


Thursday 16 January 

Springfield Estate - Robertson, South Africa 

More updates from Robertson: Springfield Estate have showcased their groundbreaking method of harvesting this year - using dry ice. They've employed this method to limit oxygen exposure as much as possible, preserving the classic Springfield-ian aromas, freshness and flavours. Fascinating stuff!


Monday 13 January

Springfield Estate - Robertson, South Africa

'It feels surreal', say Springfield Estate, whose 2020 harvest has started a full ten days before expected. Due to scorching temperatures being predicted for the coming week, they'll be harvesting between 2am and 8am daily - and are expecting 'to be playing catch-up sooner rather than later' in terms of picking, due to the heat.


Wednesday 8th January

Miolo - Campanha, Brazil

Brazil has joined the harvest! Miolo are kicking things off in the second week of the new year.


Monday 6th January 

Graham Beck - Robertson, South Africa 

Graham Beck are the first to kick off their 2020 harvest - starting the decade right! It's been 30 years since Graham Beck's first harvest, and they're celebrating it in style with a Harvest Parade. Where do we sign up?

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