Taittinger was founded following Pierre-Charles Taittinger's visit to Champagne during the First World War, where he was so inspired that a dream to have his own Champagne house was born. Fast forward 14 years, and it became a reality when he bought the Forest-Fourneaux house in partnership with his brother-in-law, Paul Evêque.

It was Pierre's son, François, who really championed the classic Taittinger style – Chardonnay led fizz with lightness, finesse and elegance – a legacy which they carry through into the modern day production.

Back in the family hands as of 2006, today current president of the house Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger highlights his focus on continuity and a pioneering spirit in the wines. And family is key his two children, Vitalie and Clovis, work as artistic director and head of exports respectively. 

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