Petaluma has been producing ultra-premium wines since 1976. Based in the Adelaide Hills of Australia, they also have vineyard sites in the Clare Valley and Coonawarra.

Not only choosing the best regions for their grapes, they go even further by selecting individual sites that will deliver the best final product, sticking to the Petaluma concept of ‘Distinguished Sites’. 

The Piccadilly Valley vineyards in the Adelaide Hills were specifically selected for creating a refined Chardonnay, as it has the coolest climate and highest elevation of all wine regions in South Australia. All the grapes for the Petaluma Yellow Label Chardonnay are grown here. On the other hand, the moderate continental climate of the Clare Valley was selected for the Riesling grapes. The warm days are cooled down by an evening breeze, slowing down the ripening for optimum complexity. 

All of Petaluma’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot comes from the Coonawarra vineyards. Coonawarra is famous for the cigar-shaped 12km stretch of terra rossa soil over limestone. Located 100km inland in South Australia’s south east, the maritime climate and cloud cover, combined with the terra rossa soil, makes it an ideal location for red varieties.  

With more than 30 years of experience within the viticulture and winemaking team, every step is done with the utmost precision. Picking and pruning is all done by hand, which ensures quality produce in such a varied terrain. Regular crop thinning is also done to produce quality grapes and intensity in their wines. 

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