Luis Felipe Edwards

Luis Felipe Edwards has one mission: to be the leading source of Chilean wine across all categories.

It was 1976 when Luis Felipe Edwards Sr. and his wife returned to Chile from Europe after several years, looking for new opportunities. They were instantly enamoured with the land later to become Luis Felipe Edwards Winery, a small property surrounded by the foothills of the Andes Mountains, with its own unique micro-climate. The following years saw the estate grow and grow, until, in 1995, Luis Felipe turned his back on selling grapes to bulk winemakers, and began bottling his own wines.

The estate became an increasingly important player in the exportation of Chilean wines over the next decade. Luis Felipe Edwards Jr. was focused on preserving the quality of wine, as well as diversifying the LFE portfolio where possible. He purchased new territories to explore this, from cool coastal lands in the Leyda Valley, to mountainous plots, planted at unprecedented altitude. Today, the winery remains family-owned, and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality wines at the best prices, all across the world.

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