La Ina

In 1919, a group of hare hunters in Jerez tasted their first sherry on the spot of an 8th Century Moorish battle. The battle was remembered as the battle of ‘La Ina’ after the war cry of the Moorish: “A’Hina”. This historic event also gave its name to the delicious bone-dry sherry: Fino La Ina.

Today over 4,500 ‘botas’ of sherry are ageing in La Ina’s solera system and their Fino is renowned for its intensity and aromatic flavours. Emilio Lustau acquired La Ina in 2008 and has maintained the ‘botas’ according to traditional sherry ageing methods in order to preserve its rich traditions. This involves ageing it in American oak for five years in the original Criaderas in Jerez de la Frontera. Lustau has quickly become one of the most prestigious sherry houses, producing wine in all three areas of the ‘sherry triangle’.

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