Castellane has been one of the most well-renowned Champagne brands since its inception in 1895.

Its early years saw it become the Champagne of choice for the Parisian 'smart set' during the Belle Epoque period. A collaboration with famed Italian painter Leonetto Cappiello, and the construction of the imposing building on the Avenue de Champagne meant that in subsequent decades, the Castellane brand rose to great heights.

The Castellane team believe that to create great quality Champagnes, a patient, precise and meticulous hand is needed. All harvesting at the estate is carried out by hand, and the fruit character of every grape is preserved by the individual vinification of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, in specially adapted vats. Fermentation takes place at low temperatures to emphasise the elegance and aromatic complexity of each variety and cru. Finally, each wine is bottled and branded with the distinctive Saint Andrew's cross that has become a hallmark of the brand: a tribute to the standard of the oldest regiment in the Champagne region. 

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