The Sherry Cobbler

With UK consumers drinking more Sherry in the On Trade, the cocktail Sherry Cobbler is a great opportunity to spice up your drinks list. A cocktail that is simply Sherry, citrus and sugar served over ice, the Sherry Cobbler is thought to have originated in the 1830s and even has a mention in a Dickens novel. In addition to this illustrious history, the drink is also thought to have popularized the straw. Bring on the Sherry!

Martin took the glass with an astonished look; applied his lips to the reed; and cast up his eyes once in ecstasy. He paused no more until the goblet was drained to the last drop. "This wonderful invention, sir," said Mark, tenderly patting the empty glass, "is called a cobbler. Sherry Cobbler when you name it long; cobbler, when you name it short."

- The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit
Charles Dickens

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