Aecorn: Sharing the magic of aperitivo

Sustainability, wellness and healthy living may well make it into the history books as the defining trends of this generation. But despite their popularity, low and no ABV options still make up just 1.3% of the UK market - even though one in five adults now classes themselves as teetotal. So, as we embark on the Christmas party season, how can we be sure that we're giving enough thought to those who aren't drinking?

Aperitif, please - minus the hangover

Zajneb Al-Rahma from Aecorn Aperitifs has an answer: every venue should be offering a carefully thought-out low and no range. "We're at the beginning of a paradigm shift in the role drinks play in people's lives," she explains. "The timing and need for quality, adult non-alcoholic options has certainly never been more relevant."

That's where the no-ABV Aecorn range comes in. Created by pioneers of the category, Seedlip Drinks, they're taking low and no drinking to a different level, directly targeting the UK's burgeoning aperitivo category and opening it up to teetotallers. 

Provenance = power

A place within the aperitivo hour, a drinking time previously dominated by alcoholic spritzes and Aperol, is a game changer for the low and no category. But Aecorn are also targeting another popular trend; that of the 'home-grown' drink.

As 'green living' continues to gain global traction, more and more people are opting to 'shop local' with their drinks. English fizz has been the undeniable success story of this category, experiencing an enormous boom in popularity - and Aecorn seems set to replicate that for non-drinkers. 

While the ABV of English fizz may not be present in the Aecorn range, the grapes certainly are. Informed by 17th century herbal remedies, each bottle is crafted from 100% English Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay grapes, pressed early and blended with herbs, roots and botanicals. As Zajneb says, "Nature allows us to bring meaning, context and relevance to everything we do, and go much deeper than just being a drinks category."

Check out the range

Aecorn Dry

Floral, crisp and herbaceous, with notes of sage and chamomile. 

The Dry Spritz 

50ml Aecorn Dry

Tonic/sparkling water

Lemon wedge garnish 

Build over ice in a wine glass and enjoy.

Aecorn Bitter

Complex and citrussy, with grapefruit flavours and notes of bay leaf and orange.

The Aecorn Spritz

25ml Aecorn Bitter

25ml Seedlip Grove

Soda water

Orange twist and green olive garnish 

Build over ice in a wine glass.

Aecorn Aromatic

Cherrywood, vanilla, cola nut and chinotto flavours. Full bodied and smooth.

The Aromatic Spritz

50ml Aecorn Aromatic

Soda water

Grapefruit zest garnish 

Build over ice in a wine glass.

Not drinking this Christmas?

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