Why I'm talking about 'By the Glass'

There's lots of talk in the trade about the benefit of listing wines by the glass, but apart from some great examples, it's not something we see enough of in practice.

It is always something we've felt passionately about at Bibendum. This, coupled with the fact more and more consumers are drinking 'less but better', meant we launched our 'Best In Glass' campaign at the beginning of July.

As well as celebrating some of our best Southern Hemisphere wines that were recently recognised at the 2019 Sommelier Awards (where we were awarded New World Wine Merchant of the Year), we want to help our customers improve their margin and encourage them to list some of these incredible wines by the glass. Feedback from our BBQ and tasting at Sager+Wilde that kicked off the campaign highlighted that there is a significant appetite for wines like these. 

In an ever-changing drinks landscape, we think everybody could be shaking up their by the glass selection, and offering more premium wines. Why? Well, there are three reasons...

Because it makes aspirational wines more accessible

The range at Bibendum is incredibly diverse. But as a wine loving company, premium wines are our bread and butter. Unfortunately for a lot of consumers, these wines are just too expensive by the bottle to buy with no previous taste. Listing premium wines by the glass, particularly ones from the New World, is a fantastic way of letting more people try these great bottles.

Because it's better for the bottom line

Listing wines by the glass is a great way of improving rate of sale. Consumers are more likely to order a glass of these wines than a whole bottle, which improves cash margins. A more premium by the glass list will engage customers, and preservation systems like Coravin and Enomatics ensure the perfect serve every time - and some theatre too, if served well.

Because consumers are drinking 'less but better'

Over the last few years, we've seen a drastic change in consumers' attitudes towards alcohol, with the move to drinking 'less but better'. This trend is showing no signs of slowing down - in fact, rather the opposite. Having a diverse and exciting list by the glass is the best way to capitalise on this, with consumers looking to spend a little bit more while drinking a little less, and while also wanting to try something different and experiment.

So, stay away from the 250ml and make sure you're serving your customers something delicious and interesting! Great wines in 125ml or 175ml - poured at the table. Give it a go.

Want to shake up your BTG listings?

Click here to find out how to get involved in the Best In Glass campaign, or talk to your Account Manager to learn more.

Michael opened Bibendum's first On Trade account way back in 1985. Fast forward 30 odd years and today he's our CEO. Keep up with his latest industry thoughts in his monthly blog on topics from English wine to Mindful winemaking.

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