Keg Returns

Due to the restrictions imposed by lockdown 3.0, the keg return scheme has relaunched. We continue to work closely with brewers to understand the steps customers need to take to process returns.

To arrange keg returns, you'll be asked to submit information to the brewers regarding the stock you hold. Advice on how to do this, and details of which brewers produce which beer, can be found in the information provided below as well as the 'beer finder' drop down menu.

How it works 

  • Access the below Return Your Beer link to find the latest updates and policies by brewer*.
  • Register with your outlet details and input the required information.
  • You should not destroy stock unless and until instructed to do so.
  • In the appropriate circumstances, you will be given permission to destroy stock by the relevant brewer via the Return Your Beer portal, and advised on how to do this safely and responsibly.
  • You should keep proof of destruction (i.e. photos) as required by HMRC.
  • Bibendum will arrange for Matthew Clark to collect empty kegs once notified by the brewer. We will endeavour to collect all empty kegs as soon as possible.
  • Where applicable, a credit will be processed on your account.

* Diageo will be administering claims through their own platform.

Return Your Beer brewer policies

Return Your Beer Latest Updates

Brewer Finder


Receiving your credit

This is a brewer driven initiative. The approval and issuing of credit is the responsibility of the brewer. As your route to market, Bibendum is simply administering this process on behalf of the brewers. Please be advised that not all brewers will be able to offer credit under this scheme.

We're working with brewers to bring you more news on this scheme. Check back soon for updates to this page with the latest information.