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Welcome to our ebook, Fine Lees. The world of wine is more diverse and dynamic than ever before. Phases (or fads?) come and go, but the producers we champion in this bi-monthly publication are firmly rooted and worth taking note of. Fine Lees celebrates the wonderful goings on in the vinous sphere, highlighting some of our favourite wine-growers that go to extremes to bring us their spoils.

Issue 04 - Featured stories:

  • Jess Broadbent climbs to some of the highest volcanoes through Sicily, Northern Hungary and Santorini, to decipher the secrets of volcanic wines and all the buzz around them.
  • Is buying grapes the ultimate evil or a way to save a wine region’s diversity? Christina Schneider considers different business models in her article about landowners and grape-buyers.
  • Douglas Blyde takes a trip through Italy in search of all the indigenous grapes with our Italian expert Mauro Segatta.
  • And finally, Willie Lebus tackles the great wine debate on natural wine.

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