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Welcome to our new ebook, Fine Lees. The world of wine is more diverse and dynamic than ever before. Phases (or fads?) come and go, but the producers we champion in this bi-monthly publication are firmly rooted and worth taking note of. Fine Lees celebrates the wonderful goings on in the vinous sphere, highlighting some of our favourite wine-growers that go to extremes to bring us their spoils.

Issue 03 - Featured stories:

  • Christina Schneider takes a look at how far the German wine industry has come and discovers the wonderful Pinot Noirs produced by a new wave of winemakers.
  • Gergely Barsi Szabo visits Palmer & Co. to explore this independent Champagne producer’s incredible (and incredibly old) cellar.
  • There’s no denying the impact and effects of a changing climate and Richard Siddle takes a look at the forces of nature and how producers are defeating the odds.
  • Plus, Chris Harag visits David Sampedro Gil of Bodegas Bhilar in Rioja Alavesa to rediscover this popular, yet misunderstood region.

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