Getting to grips with German Wine

We love German wine! But it’s probably one of the most misunderstood regions in the trade. That’s why our new one-day training course aims to dispel the myths and clear the fog surrounding this fascinating region, and introduce you to some of our favourite German producers.

The day will focus on the diversity and elegance of this category and introduce you to a new wave of young, progressive winemakers who are putting Germany back on the map. We guarantee that you will leave with a new found passion for these aromatic whites and elegant reds.

Course outline:

• What makes Riesling so special? The science behind the magic!
• Decoding German wine labels
• Pairing German wines with food
• Beyond Riesling: up-and-coming regions and their grapes
• How to promote German wines
• Current and future trends: terroir, sustainability and alternative classification systems

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Date: TBC
Recommended level of knowledge for participants: WSET Level 2 or equivalent

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