Yohan Lardy

At 30 years old, Yohan Lardy is one of a new generation of terroir-focussed producers in Beaujolais. After finishing his oenological studies in Beaune, Yohan spent time working for a biodynamic producer in Chile, before returning to his native Beaujolais. He now owns about 8 ha of vines split between Fleurie, Moulin à Vent, Chenas and Beaujolais-Villages.

Yohan’s experience in Chile encouraged him to adopt a very natural approach to tending his vines. “I already had some pretty set ideas about looking after the vines in a more natural way,” he says, “and the wines too. For me it’s really something that comes from the heart, it’s something I’m passionate about. It wasn’t a business decision, it was more about nature.”

Yohan carries out the back-breaking work of ploughing and harvesting his vineyards by hand, using only natural fertilisers and no sulphites. In the cellar he follows the classic Beaujolais method of carbonic maceration, using whole bunches, ambient yeasts and spontaneous fermentation.

His wines are celebrated for a very aromatic, fruit-forward profile, with a complex, terroir-driven character and enjoyably soft tannins. The wines are aged for at least 10 months in Burgundy barrels to get the best balance between fruit and acidity."

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