Wild Life

Wild Life Botanicals is the creation of Cornish Sea Salt co-founder, Ellie Bradshaw. 

It's a pioneering sparkling wine that, at only 0.5% ABV, champions a 'no limits' lifestyle.

This unique English bubbly is infused with vitamins, minerals and botanicals, each chosen for their health properties, including lemon balm, damask rose, rosemary, and damiana.

Ellie's background in luxury food, drink, and hospitality, combined with an appreciation for plant power, set the plans in motion for a more healthy, alternative drink.

Following months of innovative product development with a specialist team including a naturopath, an oenologist, a master brewer and a food scientist, Wild Life Botanicals is set to raise the bar in the low and no sector.

Crafted in Cornwall and unlike anything else on the market, Wild Life Botanicals is described as a new kind of drink for a new generation of conscious drinkers.

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