Weingut Nittnaus

Champions of biodiversity, Weingut Nittnaus are set to take the world by storm.

With affinity for Austrian wine growing, and sustainability now at the core of many people's purchase decisions, you'd be hard pressed to find a more on-trend producer than Weingut Nittnaus. Biodynamic farming, with concentration on organic practices and indigenous grapes, is a key belief of the winery - and in their opinion, it's paid off. "We discovered that our grapes tended to be healthier, different in aromas, more versatile," says Martin Nittnaus, winemaker. "The things you'd want to take into your own body, that you want to eat or drink, that's also what you give your grapes. I think it's just a natural way of looking at life."

The quality of their winemaking is evident throughout the range. These are lively yet elegant wines, rich in delicate flavours and aromas. From harmonious reds, to fresh and fruity whites, to elegant dessert wines - each boasts a character that truly reflects the remarkably unique micro-climate of Lake Neusiedl. 

“Austrian wine is a story of new beginnings and at the same time, long traditions.”

Martin Nittnaus

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