Weingut Glatzer

Founded in 1986, Weingut Glatzer is located in Carnuntum, east of Vienna and south of the river Danube. The region is characterised by an area of geological plates and hills, with the loess-covered plates providing fertile farmland while the gravelly hills are covered with woods and vines.

Walter Glatzer’s vineyards cover 54ha, including top sites like Haidacker, Bernreise and Altenberg. The majority of these vineyards are planted to red and white grapes typical of the region, like Zweigelt, St. Laurent, Gruner Veltliner and Blaufrankisch.

At Glatzer they believe that there’s little mystery and even less romanticism to winemaking. They make use of the possibilities that modern winemaking technology offers, although this certainly doesn’t imply producing technical wines. On the contrary: modern equipment and production facilities allow them to make wines following traditional methods in a clean and gentle way.

In the pursuit of maximising the expression of the land and the varietal character, they are in the process of converting to organic farming.

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