Vina Longavi

First established in 2012, Longavi is a personal project for two wine-industry friends: Julio Bouchon from Chile, and David Nieuwoudt from South Africa. Julio, a descendant of a French wine pioneer who arrived in Chile in 1887, is a journalist but winemaker at heart. David, the oenologist for Longavi, is the owner of the prestigious Cederberg winery, as well as Ghost Corner. With continuous communication, the two passionate partners are making this project work across continents.

The idea behind Longavi is to reflect the diversity of Chilean wines, emphasising their freshness and personality. The wines are produced in the south of Chile, where there are still plenty of old vines and dry-farmed vineyards. The Glup range from Longavi has an eye-catching design, and will draw the attention from a wide range of wine-lovers. Each wine is made from varieties that express the full potential of the valley, such as Pais from Bio Bio Valley, grown in volcanic soil on vines that are more than 100 years old, and Carignan grown in dry-farmed conditions on a granite-based soil in Maule Valley. 

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