Established in 1974, Tutiac has risen to become France's top AOC wine producer, and the leader of 'Cotes de Bordeaux' wines.

Since that day, Tutiac has expanded, and now encompasses 450 enthusiastic winegrowers who work together under the common values of co-operation, support, and friendliness. Vineyards are spread across the appellations of Bordeaux, Cotes de Bordeaux, and Cotes de Bourg. Each winemaker is expected to be a true expert of their terroir, taking extreme care of every plot, so that the winery can guarantee quality and enjoyable wine, vintage after vintage.

Ideally located along the Gironde Estuary, the vines profit from a largely oceanic climate, with 240 days of sunshine a year on average. Yet the unique landscape of the region means that a large proportion of Tutiac's growers' vines grow in diverse soils, enabling them to provide different and specific wine profiles. The winery has invested significantly in understanding the effect of these conditions on each wine, to enable them to produce the very best of each terroir. 

“Our company is renowned as one of the most dynamic in Bordeaux.”

Stephane Heraud, President of Les Vignerons de Tutiac

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