Situated in the heart of Piedmont in Gavi, the winemaking team at Tuffolo create wines to fit modern tastes from classic Italian grape varieties. Their approach is to work with a number of local growers who can identify which plots have performed best each year. By working this way with their growers, the winemakers can ensure their emphasis on quality is reflected in the vineyard.

They are part of the most important co-operative in the Gavi region. Each of the members pool their resources to invest in up to date technology in the winery or research into vineyard management. The benefits of this set up are clear, each winery gets the advantages of more efficient technologies which means better value wine without sacrificing quality. Tuffolo specialise in Gavi, the traditional wine of the region they are based in, they have over 50 years experience of creating wines that are worthy of the great traditions of Italian wines.

We’re so excited to be able to work with one of the top producers in the area as finally the Italians won’t be keeping all the good stuff for themselves. Their wines are characterised by their crisp, open fruit and being easily approachable. You won’t find any boring or generic wines from the people at Tuffolo, their wines are amongst the best in the region and that’s no mean feat with the winery being based in Piedmont, home to some fantastic producers.

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