Located in Calabria, Italy, this property has been in the Scala family for 200 years!

Originally founded in 1949, the winery was eventually built in 2005. The domaine is currently led by Luigi Scala, who is recognised for favouring quality over quantity in his aim to produce distinguished Calabrian wines. From the growing of the grapes to the refinement and aging of the wines, Luigi strives to follow family traditions to best express the terroir of his products. He was joined in 2008 by his son Francesco, who oversees the business side of the winery.

The vineyard is comprised of 18ha, leading to an overall production of 60,000 bottles a year, all from estate fruit. Most of these grapes are native varieties, such as Grecio Bianco, Gaglioppo, Magliocco, a small amount of Nerello Mascalese, Mantonico and Greco Nero. The vines are cultivated in espalier on the hinterland plains and hills, on argillaceous and sandy soil.

Environmental protection is at the centre of Scala’s operations, the winery being certified organic since 2016. In terms of the farming process, Lupins are used to fertilise the vineyards; they provide the soil with nitrogen and help eliminate weeds. Luigi’s father was known for using indigenous yeasts, but the current winemaker, Benedetto Lorusso, chooses to inoculate.

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