The very first Champagne house, Ruinart was founded nearly three centuries ago.

It was Dom Thierry Ruinart, a visionary Benedictine monk, who first learned of a 'wine with bubbles' that was proving popular amongst young aristocrats. After learning how to make it, and passing this knowledge onto his nephew Nicolas Ruinart, history was laid in motion. In 1729, Nicolas Ruinart drafted the founding charter of Maison Ruinart, creating the world's first ever production company dedicated to Champagne.

The house was created at a turning point in Champagne's history. Prior to 1728, wine could only be transported in barrels, making it impossible to export Champagne to distant markets. With the use of bottles authorised, consumption was no longer confined to the area of production, and the first delivery of Ruinart went out in January 1730. Since then, the Maison has maintained the standards of excellence of its founders, as well as keeping its history alive; the uniquely shaped bottles are tribute to the first Champagne bottles of the 18th century.

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