Ronsel do Sil

Maria Jose Yravedra is on a mission to revive Galicia's forgotten grapes.

It's a big dream, but Ronsel do Sil are giving it a good go. Maria's wines go from delicate, peppered, floral-led reds to more structured wines, brimming with wild berries and a delicious balsamicy finish.

You can find the winery at the top of the steep slopes of the River Sil, perched overlooking terraced, organic vineyards. Maria – winemaker and architect – decided in 2010 to discover all that nature can offer her 2ha corner of the world, and today her Ribeira Sacra vineyards are full of local grape varieties.

Maria has worked with unbelievable passion and energy to produce high quality wines that are, quite simply, delicious. The name comes from 'ronsel', which is the furrow left by a boat when it sails on water. In the same way, Ronsel do Sil aim to leave their mark of passion and respect for the landscape, and the local wine culture. 

“They say that the best of Galicia is yet to be discovered”

Maria Jose Yravedra, winemaker and owner

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