Rex Hill

Rex Hill has been making elegant Pinot Noirs in the Willamette Valley for over 30 years.

Boasting an array of exceptional single vineyards, Rex Hill continues a legacy of singular wines that truly reflect their origin. Creating and maintaining a sense of place in the final product is paramount to the way this winery farm their land and make their wines. Located in the lush Willamette Valley, an agricultural haven within Oregon, the land on which Rex Hill stands was once a pig farm and commune, before being transformed in the 1980s by Paul Hart and wife Jan Jacobsen, who recognised its outstanding potential for growing Pinot Noir.

In 2007, Paul and Jan sold the estate to A to Z Wineworks, who continue to run it under the name Rex Hill to this day. The team have participated in Oregon's sustainability movement from the outset, with the vineyards and winery certified LIVE, and the Jacob-Hart vineyard Demeter-certified Biodynamic. Through biodynamic methods, the winemaking team at Rex Hill believe they are respecting what the fruit brings to them, and then shepherding it into wines with quiet power and eloquence, giving true expression of site, vintage, and charm.

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