An estate responsible for the brut style of Champagne that remains loved to this day, Pommery is one of the big players on the sparkling market.

Founded as Pommery & Greno in 1858, this renowned estate's origins were somewhat removed from the glamour and sophistication of modern Champagne. It began life as a wool trading business, only changing course when its founder Alexandre Louis Pommery died, and his widow Louise took over. Well aware of how important grape quality would be for her wines, she made it her mission to build a collection of the finest vineyards in all of Champagne.

Taste-wise, Madame Pommery was ahead of her time. She created the first Brut Champagne in 1874, the Pommery Nature, which was met with resounding commercial success, and is largely responsible for breaking the pre-held preferences for sweeter wines. She described her Champagnes with two words: joy, and lightness. It's a philosophy that has continued in the Pommery wines to this day; Clement Pierlot, the 10th cellar master at Pommery, retains this focus in every wine he creates.

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