Bodega Otronia is an example of just how extreme winemaking can get. 

Otronia's vineyards grow in the southernmost region of Argentina, where wines are labelled as 'Patagonia Extrema' - for good reason. While rainfall can be as low as 200mm per year, winds can reach staggering speeds of up to 110km per hour. Yet these challenging conditions are giving rise to some extremely exciting expressions.

The Otronia range is characterised by delicate, fresh fruit aromas, electric acidity and a refreshingly savoury complexity. There's huge potential for them in the future as a stand-out Argentinian category, according to Commercial Director Maximo Rocca. "We're all still learning," he says; "It's all so different from how they do things in Mendoza." The difference in terroir is remarkably evident in the wine. Colder weather, frosts and a continental climate have given rise to a characteristic freshness and brilliance in the range.

“Because of the unique characteristics of our terroir, our wines develop elegant, complex aromas with natural acidity and great phenolic maturity.”

Maximo Rocca, Commercial Director

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