La Chablisienne

In 1923, a number of growers in Chablis banded together to create a cooperative winery, hoping to withstand the financial difficulties of the time.

However, come the 1950s, the winemakers at La Chablisienne wanted more control over the end product they were presenting to the world, so instead of wine being delivered by local growers, the must arrived at the wine house. This resulted in constant communication between the growers and winemakers, ensuring the best possible wines are produced.

In typical Chablis style, the Chablisienne wines have the characteristic minerality from the predominantly Kimmeridgian terroir, with marls and deposits of small oyster shells thrown in too. After the harvest, the member growers press the grapes. Then La Chablisienne take over, carrying out the racking and the alcoholic and malolactic fermentations. The fermentation and the maturing take place either in thermoregulated stainless steel vats or in 228 litre oak barrels for their selected growths.

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