A new kid on the block! Turning the English sparkling wine industry on its head, Harlot is unapologetically loud, colourful, and full of fun.

Harlot produces a Brut and Brut Rosé, English sparkling wine made in the charmat method. The Harlot Brut shows aromas and flavours of elderflower, ripe apricots and pears, while the Brut Rosé is full of red apples, strawberries and English pears.  

Based in Gravesham, Kent, as part of Kentish Wine Vault, there are plenty of plans in the works to expand across all areas of the business, both in England and Provence. The winery has been designed by Norman Foster, and, in line with a five-year-plan, should be fully open in 2024.

Harlot plans to focus on four key areas while challenging the status quo of English sparkling wine: scale, sustainability, infrastructure, and quality. With the largest vineyard in the UK, they plan on producing 5 million bottles per year by 2025. All vineyards are managed organically, utilising techniques such as composting organic waste and collecting rainwater to minimise Harlot’s impact on the environment. Their resources and infrastructure across the UK and France enable them to acquire the most talented team to produce top-notch wines, which deliver consistent quality across the board.

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