Ghost Corner

Ghost Corner's wines are as extreme and intriguing as the land they come from.

Winemaker David Nieuwoudt crafts his range from vineyards in Elim, just inland from the dramatic coastline that gives the wines their name. This area, known as 'Spookdrai', is famed in folklore for its treacherous, unnavigable waters, responsible for wrecking hundreds of ships. 

Luckily, this extreme and mysterious landscape is far better suited to winemaking than sailing. Excellent growing conditions, lime-rich soils and cooling south-easterly breezes characterise the vineyards, which give rise to some exceptional wines. These wines are powerfully concentrated, with prominent fruit and a surprising length that lingers on the palate, in David's own words, "evoking a sense of mysteries past."

“Unique wines from an extreme terroir, at the southernmost tip of Africa”

David Nieuwoudt, winemaker

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